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LOG: Balti-Malti Part 3
2011-07-24 • 11:12 p.m.

24 July 2011

00:43 – “I look at the rusty nails and the wood shakin’ and breakin’ and I think ‘you’re all gonna die” – KT

00:59 – “’cause Shamu is the original mu” - Cat

01:49 – “Fuck that cat. That cat threw up in my underwear” – Kristin

01:52 – “It is why I am preparing for Kitty’s end of life” – KT

12:54 – Steve: Don’t worry, we have arms
Kristin: Not for long with my lead based make-up

14:12 – “That was like the ramen noodles of poop” – Steve

14:14 – KT: The owner before us was deaf
Cat: Oh is that why there was a siren? That’s helpful for the blind.
KT: Deaf
Cat: Whatever

14:30 – “Is there a modest bone in your stupid slutty body?” – Kristin

15:30 – We are watching Kittens Inspired By Kittens for the second time

21:02 – Cat makes some fake fart noises
JessM: are you just going to keep making those noises so I don’t know when you poop your pants until I smell it?

21:04 – Cat: Where do we go?
JessM: Oh look (pointing)
JessM: Sorry I was just pointing at that sign

21:05 – Cat: Oh look, Tiffany's
JessM: Oh yes, Truckers Welcome! Hottest Dancers!

22:09 – Hudson, Ohio

This is Captain Jessica Signing Off!

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